Jennie & Erin

The Seasonal Bouquet is a creative collaboration between Erin Benzakein and Jennie Love, two farmer florists that have been in the business of creating stunning floral art with locally grown materials for several years now. This particular project is the result of a winter brainstorming session about how to feed our soul fires during the hectic months of the growing season and how to further demonstrate the beauty of locally grown flowers to a wider audience.  And, to be completely candid, it’s a bit of a competitive double dog dare between two people that like to have some fun.

All the materials used in the bouquets on this blog are grown within a 25 mile radius of the respective designer, the vast majority coming straight from our own flower fields.  Since  we’re on opposite coasts growing in very different climates, this project is a showcase for what’s available through the seasons across the country.

Follow along for what promises to be a gorgeous journey!

About Jennie {East Coast}

I have a little slice of flower paradise in Philadelphia.  It’s not always easy to manage with our unpredictable and almost always short springs followed by deathly humid and hot summers.  But glorious autumn always makes up for the previous months’ shortcomings.  My flower fields tally up to just over two acres of fertile sunny flat land, and they produce heaps of beautiful organically grown blooms for hundreds of area weddings, grab-n-go bouquets for local specialty stores, and a lush flower CSA.

The flowers that I grow inspire every single element of my floral business, Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. It’s an amazing gift to be able to walk the fields, cut what is at the peak of perfection, and take it into the design studio to create a piece of ephemeral art. Somehow that never gets old for me, even after thousands of bouquets.

My design philosophy is quirky and unconventional. I make no apologies for that.  I’ve never been one to follow the rules. I believe fine craftsmanship is priceless and far too rare anymore.  Color is my muse in the studio.  Textural is the word that probably best describes my designs.

Want to know a secret? I adore non-flower elements in bouquets just as much as flowers. Give me a succulent, air plant, seed pod, grass plume, or pear over a fussy rose any day!

About Erin {West Coast}

I run a small organic flower farm  and floral design studio, Floret,  nestled in Washington’s beautiful Skagit Valley.  With only a handful of acres in production, my family and I go to great lengths building the soil and squeezing as many flowers as possible out of our tiny plot.  Magic is certainly at play in our garden!

Our blooms  can be found throughout the northwest in fancy natural grocery stores, CSA delivery boxes and a number of specialty flower shops.  In addition to growing truckloads of blooms for bunches and bouquets, we also do a hopping little wedding business and a weekly flower subscription in Seattle.

I am completely obsessed with flowers!  If I had $5 left in my pocket, you can bet I’d spend it on that darling bundle of daffodils at the corner market.  It’s a gripping addiction that feeds my soul.  I believe one can never have enough flowers, never!

I love things from the past and am drawn to blooms that are graceful, natural, fragrant and wild.  While intensive breeding has blessed many flowers with a staggeringly long shelf life, which in turn has given way to a global floral trade, I tend to gravitate towards blooms of a more fleeting nature.  Fragrant sweet peas, silk like Icelandic poppies, delicate pastel dahlias, fragile garden roses and as many edibles and herbs as I can get my fingers on.  Nature is such a wild and beautiful creature.  I’d much rather partner and learn from her than try and control the process.

Why No Comments?
We both already host active blogs of our own — http://www.floretflowers.com/blog/ and http://www.lovenfreshflowers.com/blog/. Keeping up with comments on another blog during our incredibly busy growing seasons is just not an option. If you have specific questions about a design, please pop over to our other blogs and leave a comment there or send a message via Facebook. Find Erin on Facebook here and Jennie on Facebook here.