Floret Seasonal Bouquet
Erin {Floret}
dahlias, hops, scented geraniums, cilantro flowers, apples, raspberry foliage, viburnum berries, black elderberries, phygelius


Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Jennie {Love ‘n Fresh}
dahlias, apple mint, sedum, joe pye weed, northern sea oats, PG hydrangea, lisianthus, lambs ear, gomphrena, wild grape, poke weed


You too can participate in the Seasonal Bouquet Project! Click on the little blue guy below to go to a page where you can add a link to a photo of your own locally-grown, seasonal bouquet. Same rules apply to you as they do to us. All the ingredients in the bouquet must be sourced within 25 miles of your home, ideally including flowers you grew yourself. Please link directly to one specific photo, not a general website or page. We reserve the right to remove any bouquets that are obviously not all locally-grown and to remove any generally inappropriate content.

Be sure to click through and view what everyone is sharing!

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